Location. Location. Location

October 26th, 2012

When shopping for a home one thing always holds true, location, location, and location. 

Here are some tips on making the right choice. Check the schools – Finding a property in a desirable school district will keep you a step ahead. There is no end in sight to the rising costs of providing a good education. Not only may your family reap the benefits of this now but when it comes time to sell as well.

Find a school
Check the schools ranking
Check for crime – Visit the local law enforcement office or check on line.

Having a chat with an area officer can give you some direct insight on the safety of your family. Research the community – A simple GOOGLE search can reveal a wealth of information on a community. Is there a community center or a local meeting coming up you can attend?

Drive the area to see how neighbors keep their homes; visit on the weekends and at night. Walking the neighborhood can also be very revealing; do you feel welcomed and comfortable in these surroundings?

Walkability factor – Proximity to services, dining, shopping, recreation and public transportation have become very important considerations in evaluating the area of your future home. With the unpredictability of fuel costs and the increasing congestion of L.A urban areas having the choice to take public transportation or just walk somewhere has become an important option.

Work with a Realtor – Working with a Realtor can help put more time in your hands to focus on finding the property right for you. Call us today to find out how we can facilitate your home buying process.

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