L.A’s historic neighborhoods – West Adams Terrace

July 17th, 2013

One of the beautiful things about Los Angeles is its vast size that encompasses so many different neighborhoods with rich history. There is always opportunity to discover little hidden treasures like the homes pictured here. These impressive buildings were built for the upper middle class in the 1920’s during Downtown’s golden age. The area is called West Adams Terrace designated as HPOZ meaning a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. It is bordered by Crenshaw Blvd. to the West, Western to the East, the Santa Monica (10Fwy) freeway to the North and Adams Blvd to the South.

The neighborhoods proximity to Downtown was ideal in its heyday. However, after the 2nd World War and the expansion of the cities freeways, businesses and the well to do moved west abandoning the area to low-income renters. In recent years with the resurgence of Downtown and the protections in place to preserve this rich history these homes are slowly being restored to their original beauty. The pictures I have here are a mix of fixers and some that have already been renovated. Styles range from smaller bungalow to larger Victorian, Mission, and Craftsman to Classical Revival. The last picture below is actually a fourplex, four apartment unit building.

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