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Building blocks, it’s only the beginning

December 15th, 2013


Bringing Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate together is an everyday activity in my business. However now it’s taken on an added meaning. It began over lunch with a friend discussing work. I shared I felt compelled to work on housing for people who could not otherwise afford a home, quite a departure from the luxury market I worked in. It seemed unfair to me that while somebody could afford a million dollar house, there was another family somewhere else homeless or near homelessness. I certainly did not have the means to go out and start building homes but thought of how I could align myself with someone who did. It was that week I read a Tweet about the launch of Giveback Homes, their goal of creating social change through the act of buying and selling organized my thoughts. By utilizing a percentage of my commission I could help build homes for families in need and my contributions would go straight to the field to get the job done.  Now I thought what if I took this and proposed to my investor and developer clients, “I will find you the land to build a house here and by using me to buy the land and then sell the finished house a percentage of the buy and sell commission will be donated to this great cause”, this would be a win win situation as they will not only be improving communities here but also abroad. We would also collaborate on rehabilitation of dilapidated property and more recently finding multi-unit buildings to re-hab and offer beautifully updated apartments for placement of the disadvantaged working through our local organizations. There’s a lot of work to be done but in the next blogs I’ll be sharing interviews and updates on some of the projects underway. For more information on getting involved in this social change movement contact me or share this link with your Real Estate professional